• It shouldn’t cost you money just to find out what is wrong with your stuff. Diagnostics and estimates are always free, just like they should be.

  • Viruses happen. It sucks, but it’s not the end of the world. At Monument Computers, we offer the areas only lossless removal of viruses, which means we remove all the viruses without you needing to do any backups or worrying about any of your files, the way they should be removed. Once we’re finished, we’ll provide some recommendations on how to prevent the problems in the future and provide enterprise class anti-virus protection, free of charge.

  • Components in desktops are typically an easy replacement and the repairs can be done the same day if we have the components in stock. Laptops take more time but most parts are still replaceable.

  • System upgrades, just like hardware repairs, are typically a quick fix for desktops. Laptop upgrades are usually limited to adding additional RAM or hard drive space, though occasionally a new graphics card or better display can be added.

    Ask us about an upgrade to a Solid State Drive and learn what fast load times really means!

  • This is our favorite. There is nothing better than piecing together a brand new machine with all the bells and whistles to handle even the most hardcore of video games at 4k without even flinching. As gamers, we know how to optimize a budget to get the best performance per dollar and make all your friends jealous.

    Our systems can be as small as half a cubic foot all the way to beastly monster that weighs as much as an average adult. Want a completely transparent machine? Easy. Oil immersed system for some awesome visuals and great cooling? Done. Do you need a computer that looks like a guitar amp, car tire or a tree? All very doable at Monument Computers.

  • While everyone over the age of 30 remembers blowing into the game cartridge to make the game work on their NES, Xbox’s made the console failures famous with their RROD (red ring of death). Modern consoles are nothing more than a highly modified computer like the one on your desk. Like computers, these things break over time from lack of ventilation and wear and tear. Luckily, also like computers, these devices are fixable. Bring your broken console by and we’ll let you know what it’ll take to get the game working again.

  • Amazon and Best Buy are tough competition, but we are able to hold our own on pricing. We communicate with our suppliers on a daily basis to find what rebates and savings they are able to give to provide so we can pass on the savings to you.

  • What’s easier than watching tv and waiting for the tech guy to come to you? Well, not much, and that’s why our home on-site services have been one of our most popular services available. Within 5 miles of our location, it’s just $65 to get us there and cover the first half hour of work. (hint: the vast majority of issues are solved well within this time frame)

    Call us at 719-488-2830 and schedule your appointment today!

  • Sometimes, your computer has gotten so bogged down, so slow that you don’t even feel like messing with it anymore. If you don’t have any data on the computer to worry about or want to sell your computer, sometimes a complete wipe is the easiest way to go. At just $60, this process can save you a lot of time and money.

  • We fix it all. Does it have a microchip? We can fix it. Is still running vacuum tubes? Maybe take that one down the street where they’re still marveling at the Commodore 64.

Scam cold call to Monument Computers

Scammers will try to cold-call and say they have detected a virus on your computer and that they need to connect remotely to fix it. Once they get on your machine, they will install malicious software and demand money to “fix” your computer.

Remember these few things to remain safe:
1. No big name company (Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Apple) will ever cold call you, or try to fix your individual computer.
2. Never let anyone remotely control your computer unless you know EXACTLY who they are. At Monument Computers, we have remote capability, but will never call YOU to to provide the service. We will wait for you to call us.
3. Never call a phone number that pops up on your computer. None of the big companies provide phone numbers for you to call.